These videos show how well cats do on three legs.

Bonnie loves da birdie!

Bonnie, a sixteen year old tripod, plays with her birdie on a string a little more than six months after her amputation.  

Jack: Tripod Kitty Loves To Play

Jack versus the birdie-on-a-string toy.  Time between amputation and video unknown.

Jill: Three Days Post-Amputation

This is Jill just three days after her amputation.

Jill: Two Weeks Post-Amputation

This is Jill two weeks after her amputation.

Jill: One Month Post-Amputation

This is Jill one month after her amputation.

Kes: Biopsy

Part One of the story of her bout with VAS: Kes develops a lump and undergoes a biopsy.

Kes: Amputation

Part Two of the story of her bout with VAS: Kes has a leg amputated.

Kes: Recovery

Part Three of the story of her bout with VAS: Kes shows how well she's adapted to life on three legs.

Phantom: Who Needs Four Legs?

Phanton chases a laser dot about six months after her amputation.

Sierra: Who Needs Four Legs Anyway?

If you didn't already know, you probably wouldn't notice that Sierra is missing a leg.

Wilma: Walking Great

Note that this video was shot so soon after her amputation that Wilma's fur hasn't even begun to grow back yet.

Wilma: Playing On Bed

This video was shot about three months after Wilma's amputation.

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